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Many studies show that agricultural and open space uses greatly reduce the tax burden on residents as compared to residential uses. The following studies enumerate the relationship between revenues generated by various land uses and compares the tax burden that servicing each use places on the taxpayers of a community.

  • Cost of Community Services Study, 1977

  • Cost of Community Services Study, 1994


Cost of Community Services Study for Three Dane Towns: Dunn, Perry, and Westport 1999

  • Cover - Page 24

  • Page 25 - Page 31

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Cost of Community Services Studies

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  • Comprehensive Plan

  • Rezone, CUP, Land Division, and Lot Line Adjustment Information

  • Pay a Land Use Application Fee

  • Purchase of Development Rights (PDR)

  • Historic Documents

  • Awards

  • Meadowview Drainage Information

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  • Capital Area Regional Planning Commission


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