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​​The Town upholds both the Wisconsin State Statute as well as the local Town of Dunn ordinances. In general, State Statute prevails and the local ordinances enhance the State laws. Local ordinances are set by the Town and are enforced within the boundaries of the Town. When a new ordinance is created it goes before the Town Board to be approved.


Chapter 4: Town Officials

Chapter 6: Town Records and Property

Chapter 7: Fiscal Management

Chapter 8: Personnel Management

Chapter 10: Housing and Economic Development

Chapter 11: Licenses and Permits

Chapter 12: Zoning, Land Division, and Land Regulation

Chapter 13: Building Code

Chapter 14:  Environmental Protection

Chapter 16: Public Nuisance

Chapter 17: Public Safety and Order

Chapter 18: Public Works and Infrastructure

Chapter 19: Traffic

Chapter 20: Miscellaneous Ordinances

Chapter 21: Enforcement

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