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Autumn Foliage


When rain falls on leaf piles, it creates "leaf tea" that drains into our lakes. Leaf tea contains nutrients that are harmful to our lakes. These nutrients contribute to toxic algae blooms, murky water, and weeds. It only takes one pound of phosphorous to produce 500 pounds of algae. This phosphorus settles to the lake bottoms and continues to feed algae blooms for years. You can reduce these nutrients from entering our waterways and protect our water resources by managing yard waste the right way.


Leaf Collection Sites

All leaf collection sites were taken down November 28th for the 2023 season due to the snow. Please bring any remaining leaves to the Town's Transfer site for disposal.

There are eight centralized leaf collection drop-off sites available for Town residents from October through the end of November, weather permitting. There are no spring collection sites.

Look for the orange fencing and signage. Only place leaves in the marked containment areas.

  1. Amundson Boat Launch - Map

  2. Colladay Point Park - Map

  3. Fish Camp County Park - Map

  4. Dunn Heritage Park - Map

  5. Goodland County Park Parking Lot - Map

  6. Crescent Drive - Map

  7. Camp Leonard Road - Map

  8. McConnell Street - Map

What can be brought to the drop-off sites?
Drop-off sites are for leaves and grass clippings ONLY! Please NO brush, rocks, animal waste, garden waste, ornamental long grasses, hostas
, seaweed, pumpkins, or any other non-leaf material at the drop-off locations. Bags must be emptied and removed from site. Non-leaf material will damage the Town's leaf vacuum machine. If non-leaf material is dropped off at these sites, it will result in the sites being shut down. No contractor dumping.

Curbside Leaf Collection for Lake Kegonsa Area

For the Lake Kegonsa area only, Friends of Lake Kegonsa (FOLKS) sponsors curbside pick-up. All 2023 curbside collection has been completed. There is no spring collection.

Leaves need to be ready for pick up by 7 AM. Only one pass through the route will be made. Leaves shall be placed along the shoulder of the road, in a pile parallel to the road. Do not place piles in ditches or around mailboxes, poles, or posts. Leaves that cannot be reached by the leaf collection equipment will be left for the resident to dispose of. NO brush, rocks, animal waste, garden waste, ornamental long grasses, hostas, seaweed, or pumpkins are allowed.

Click here to sign up for e-updates regarding the Lake Kegonsa Area leaf collection.

Kegonsa Addresses Eligible for Curbside Pick-Up

Town Transfer Site

The Town Transfer Site is available for leaf drop-off on the first and third Saturdays of the month from 8 am to 3:45 pm. Through the end of November, the Transfer Site is also open on Wednesdays from 2 pm to 4:45 pm. Click here for more information regarding the Town's Transfer Site.

For further questions regarding the Town's leaf management program, please contact Kelsey Shepperd at 608-838-1081 ext, 2 or at

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