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There are four established areas throughout the Town that have sanitary sewer service. These are called the Town of Dunn Sanitary Districts. Please click below to access more information about each sanitary district.




Commission Vacancies

The Town is seeking applicants to serve as commissioners for Sanitary District #1 and Sanitary District #3. Experience or skills in communications, scheduling, inspections, working with construction contractors, government operations, notices, ordinances, finance, and permitting could be helpful areas of expertise.

​Flushable Wipes Can Cause Major Damage to Sewers

Some people may believe that if a product clears their toilet bowl, it’s flushable. However, after flushing, wipes travel in the sewer fully intact where they combine with other items wipes and create solid blockages and potential sewer backups. Even brands that claim to be flushable create a problem.

For several years, Town of Dunn Sanitary Districts have incurred expensive sewer equipment repairs and have spent even more for sewer main clean-outs. Sewer clean-out companies have been continuously removing excessive amounts of wipes from the sewer systems. The costs and risks associated with repairs and clean-out are shared by Dunn residents living in areas with sewer service.

NEVER Flush These Clog Causing Items:

  • 'Flushable' baby wipes, facial cloths, paper towels, wipes of any kind, diapers, and sanitary pads.

  • Hair, dental floss, cotton balls, swabs, make up sponges, condoms, cigarette butts, chewing gum, food items.

  • Flushable cat litter and dried waste from the litter box.

  • Grease

  • Fish, snakes, or other little critters.

  • edication, supplements, or drugs.