Rake and Wheelbarrow


4030 County Road B, ¼ mile east of the Dunn Town Hall. The Transfer Site is open to town residents only.

Normal Operating Hours
1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month from 8 am to 3:45 pm
Every Wednesday, April through the end of November from 2 pm to 4:45 pm.


Please note: The Transfer Site is closed on holidays and observance days. 

The Transfer Site Accepts

  • Brush and Wood - Brush and limbs that are free of soil. (We cannot accept stumps, lumber, or furniture. Dane County’s landfill will take tree stumps, construction materials, and many other large items.)

  • Leaves and Grass Clippings - Any compostable material.

  • Holiday Trees - Trees without tinsel, decorations, or stands. (Pellitteri will not pick up trees left at the curbside).

  • Antifreeze - Used antifreeze that is free of oil.

  • Motor Oil - Used motor oil that is free of other liquids.

  • Automotive Type & Rechargeable Batteries - (Household batteries are NOT accepted).

  • Tires - We charge a fee based on our costs for disposal. Currently, auto tires are $5 without rims and $10 for tires with rims. Semi-truck tires cost $10 for disposal and tractor tires cost $25.

  • Appliances - We accept all appliances EXCEPT FOR TVs, electronics, water softeners, and dishwashers.

  • Scrap Metal - Scrap iron, steel, copper, and other metals. (We only accept motors after gas and oil has been drained).

Click here for additional information about recycling, hazardous waste, disposing of appliances, or information about the Dane County Land Fill.

Additional questions? Call the Town Hall at (608) 838-1081, ext 201