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The Town of Dunn's previous Facebook page was incorrectly disabled due to Facebook no longer supporting the type of 'page'. We were unable to retrieve access to our old account. Please follow our new account here!

Public Health Offers Free Private Well Testing for “Forever Chemicals”

Public Health Madison & Dane County is providing free PFAS water testing for eligible homeowners with private wells in Dane County. Eligibility for free testing is based on income and the number of people in the household. If you are not eligible for free testing, paid testing is also available at a lower price than many other labs typically offer.

PFAS chemicals are common in our environment. Also known as “forever chemicals”, PFAS do not change or break down easily. Exposure can happen through the air, soil, and even drinking water.

For more information, click here or call Public Health Madison and Dane County at (608) 266-4821.


2023 Tax Bills

Real Estate Tax bills are expected to be mailed by December 18th. Options for Paying Your Taxes and Purchasing Dog Licenses:


1. Mail Check OR Use the Drop Box by Jan 31st

Mail check to 4156 County Rd B, McFarland WI 53558 or place in secure Drop Box located next to our Mailbox. Write parcel number AND phone or email on check. We will contact you if we are unable to process the payment. Include self-addressed, stamped envelope for a receipt or for a dog license to be mailed to you.

2. Pay Online Before Midnight Jan 31st

Visit and in the “Make A Payment” box enter the pay code number (PLC#): 8429. Flat fee of $3.95 for VISA debit card.  Higher fee of 2.95%-5% applies with other debit cards and all credit cards.

All payments made after January 31st must be sent to the Dane County Treasurer: PO Box 1299, Madison WI 53701-1299.

Need a receipt? Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your payment. Receipts for payments made on or before December 31st, 2023 should be available online around the week of January 8th by visiting , entering your address in the search bar, and selecting "E-Receipt." Receipts for payments made between January 1st and January 31st should be available online around the week of February 12th, 2024.

Where Does the Tax Bill Go? - Chart

Taxing Jurisdiction Contact Information

Tax Insert Side 1

Tax Insert Side 2

Dog License - Application Only (include a self-addressed evelope with your payment for licenses to be mailed to you)

ThanksGIVING Back Virtual Food Drive

Please join the Town of Dunn in partnering with Pellitteri Waste Systems for this year’s annual ThanksGIVING Back virtual food drive! Online donations will go directly to Second Harvest Foodbank, an organization that works together with hundreds of local hunger-relief charities to provide the peace-of-mind people have when they know they have enough food. Every $10 raised provides up to 25 meals! Click here for the donation link. Last year, the online food drive raised $4,000 for Second Harvest Foodbank.

Sanitary District 1 Sewer Work Begins December 4, 2023

Dear Neighbors in the Waubesa Beach Area, Manholes on Your Property Must Be Made Accessible. Toilets and Floor Drains May Be Affected Temporarily.

Our goal is to reduce the inconvenience for property owners during this important work.  The Town of Dunn website will be updated frequently as we receive information regarding the project.

The engineering firm, Mead and Hunt, will help to identify and prioritize the improvements and repairs needed for the 50 year-old sewer lines. In December 2023, HydroKlean will begin video inspection, flushing and repair of the sewer lines.  This will ensure that the system continues to work properly in the future.  Additional work to replace valves, upgrade lift stations, and eventually to line the sewer pipes will continue in 2024 and beyond.

1) Uncover Manholes on your property now.
HydroKlean company employees will be operating Utility Task Vehicles to bring equipment to each manhole cover for televising and flushing of the sewer. If you have a manhole on your property, access is needed for this project.  In order to minimize delays and costs, remove any obstacles to manhole covers on your property prior to December 4, 2023.  Obstacles might include a fence that prevents access to the manhole by the UTV, grass or vegetation growing over the manhole cover, landscaping obstacles, or decks that prevent access to the sewer through the manhole. If there are objects that prevent access to the sewer, the sanitary district or the contractor/s may remove the obstacle/s.  This could result in charges being billed to the property owner for the cost associated with uncovering the manhole. 

2) Toilets and Drains May Need Water to Refill P-Traps. 
When the lines near your residence are flushed during sewer work, in rare instances you may notice bubbling in toilets and/or floor drains. Closing the lid on toilets in your home during the sewer work is advised. Sewer work may occasionally cause loss of the water from a p-trap in a drain, and it will be important to run water down your drains afterward to restore the water in p-traps. This prevents odors from escaping into your home from the drains.

3) Traffic May Be Affected. Trailers, utility task vehicles and equipment may be parked in the road right-of-way for the duration of the project. This may cause temporary traffic delays and one lane closures. 


For questions, contact the Town of Dunn at (608) 838-1081 or by email at


For emergency use only in the event of a major sewer back up into your home during this project contact HydroKlean Emergency Line at (855) 845-5326

Dane County Arts Calendars Available for Purchase

2024 Dane Arts Calendar are now available to be purchased at the town hall.  They are $15 each. This year's artists express the eclectic beauty of Dane County through printmaking, painting, photographic processes, handmade paper, digital drawing, pastel, and porcupine quillwork and beadwork. Each of our featured artists reside in Dane County. Learn more about this year's featured artists here.

Revenues from calendar sales help sustain programs of Dane Arts (Dane County Cultural Affairs), an agency within county government created in 1977 to encourage public participation in arts, culture, and local history activities countywide. Your calendar purchase also helps to support local artists.

Fish Camp County Park - Accessible Fishing & Boating Improvements

Dane County Parks is planning improvements to the kayak launch area of Fish Camp County Park. Improvements will include a new accessible floating kayak launch pier, an accessible walk-in kayak ramp, a new accessible fishing pier, and relocation and improvement of the County's lake management weed harvest off-load site. Improvements also include landscaping and ADA parking upgrades.

Construction is planned to begin on September 18th, 2023, with completion anticipated in May 2024. The kayak launch area of the park will be closed to the public during the project while the boat launch will remain open. A project construction sign will be posted onsite with project information. 


Click here to view the project website.

Public Input Opportunity - Internet Survey and Speed Test

A public input opportunity regarding internet service is available and we strongly encourage your participation:

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) has developed a survey, the Wisconsin Internet Self-Report (WISER), to gather information regarding your broadband experiences. WISER is an internet survey and speed test that will be used to advise Wisconsin's broadband planning efforts. Everyone is encouraged to take the survey and help the PSC create a better broadband map. You may take the survey multiple times to report on additional locations, connections, or to take an updated speed test. WISER will serve as a long-standing tool to track broadband service over time.

To take the survey, please visit 

For more information, please visit or contact the Public Service Commission at 

US 51 Corridor Project

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is proceeding with design of the US 51 corridor from I-39/90 east of Stoughton to US 12/18 north of McFarland, in Dane County.

Click here for a pdf of information regarding concerns that Barber Drive will be used WisDOT to reroute/detour US 51 traffic during the US 51 mainline reconstruction project between Roby Road and County B/AB

For more information, please visit or contact Kevin Drunasky, WisDOT Project Manager, at 608-246-3811 or at 

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