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The Town of Dunn contracts with Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc., for assessment services. The assessors' role is to discover, list, and place value on all taxable real property in the Town.

Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc. keeps property records which include square footage, number of rooms, year built and other pertinent information. The property assessment is a value placed upon your property which determines a portion of the local property tax levy. Your property assessment is an estimate of the market value of your property.

Property information, zoning, assessment information and tax payment history for parcels in the Town of Dunn is available on the Access Dane website.

Open Book

Contact the Assessor now by phone or email with questions or concerns about property tax assessments. Associated Appraisal Consultants: (920) 749-1995 or If questions remain, call the Assessor for an Open Book appointment on Tuesday, May 7th, between 4 PM to 6 PM.

Notice of Board of Review 

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Review for the Town of Dunn of Dane County, shall hold its first meeting on the 21st day of May, 2024, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Dunn Town Hall, 
4156 County Road B, McFarland WI.

Following are requirements to appear and procedural requirements if appearing before the Board of review: No person who is scheduled to appear before the Board of Review may contact, or provide information to a member of the Board about the person’s objection except at a session of the Board. No person may appear, testify or contest a value before the board of review, unless, at least 48 hours before the first meeting of the board, or at least 48 hours before the objection is heard if the objection is allowed under s.70.47 (3) (a), Wis. stats., that person provides to the clerk of the board of review notice as to whether the person will ask for the removal of a member of the board of review and, if so, which member, and provides a reasonable estimate of the length of time the hearing will take.

The board of review may not hear an objection to the amount or valuation of property unless, at least 48 hours before the board's first scheduled meeting, the objector provides to the board's clerk written or oral notice of an intent to file an objection, except that upon a showing of good cause and the submission of a written objection, the board shall waive that requirement during the first 2 hours of the board's first scheduled meeting, and the board may waive that requirement up to the end of the 5th day of the session or up to the end of the final day of the session if the session is less than 5 days with proof of extraordinary circumstances for failure to meet the 48-hour notice requirement and failure to appear before the board of review during the first 2 hours of the first scheduled meeting.
The Board shall hear upon oath, by telephone, all ill or disabled persons who present to the Board a letter from a physician, surgeon or osteopath that confirms their illness or disability. No other persons may testify by telephone.


Cathy Hasslinger, Town of Dunn Municipal Clerk. Posted 4/30/2024

Contact the Town Assessor:

For property tax assessment questions, contact the Town's Assessor at:

Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc.

P.O. Box 440
Greenville, WI 54942

Phone: (920) 749-1995
Fax: (920) 731-4158

Objection to Real Property Assessment Form

Guide for Property Owners

Agricultural Assessment Guide for Wisconsin Property Owners


Changing your Billing Address:

Property addresses and billing addresses are handled through Dane County Property Listing. When a property is transferred (bought & sold), normal documents submitted to the Register of Deeds should automatically update the billing address. The Town of Dunn does not have the capability to change ownership names. Name changes must be completed by the Dane County Register of Deeds. If the billing address is incorrect, you have the following 2 options:


1. Direct Owner Requests: Requests made by the property owner to update a billing address will need to be made in writing to:
Dane County Planning & Development
Attention: Property Listing
210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd Room 116
Madison WI 53703

2. Contact the Town of Dunn: Email or call (608) 838-1081


For both options, please include:

Your name and contact information (including phone number)
The old billing address
The new billing address
The affected parcel numbers

Special Assessment Form: $20.00 fee per parcel. Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope, and the completed certificate will be mailed to you. Otherwise, include a fax number and/or email address with your request). Please submit an application to or mail to the Town Hall at 4156 County Road B, McFarland, WI 53558


Dane County Treasurer Office Website

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