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Storm Clouds


On November 13, 2009, the Town of Dunn opened a storm shelter at 699 Norman Drive in the Bay View Heights Neighborhood. During severe weather, the building will be open to anyone wishing to seek shelter. The following is a list of rules that must be followed while at the storm shelter.

Shelter Rules

  • No smoking.

  • No drugs or alcohol.

  • Walk to shelter if walking can be done safely.

  • If you must bring a pet, it must be confined within a carrier and placed in the designated pet area in the shelter.

  • Follow instructions of On-site operations team members in red vests. 

  • Report any problems or injuries to the On-site Operations team.

  • Supervise children closely and keep them nearby.

  • Please keep noise to a minimum so that weather updates and instructions can be heard.

  • All music and entertainment devices must be used with earphones or muted.

  • Maintain a calm and orderly atmosphere.

What to Bring to the Shelter

  • Any needed prescriptions, over-the-counter medication, or medical equipment.

  • Personal care items, baby care items.

  • Important papers.

  • Appropriate clothing for weather conditions.

  • What NOT to Bring to the Shelter:

  • No illegal drugs, no alcohol, and no weapons of any kind will be allowed in the shelter.

  • No large items that take up space needed for people.

  • It's best if you do not bring your pet, but if you feel you must, the pet must be confined in a carrier and must be kept in the designated storage area for pets.

  • Don't bring a car if you can safely walk to the shelter.

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