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Dane County Zoning Permit: Applications must be retrieved from Dane County Zoning. A zoning permit may be needed if you are altering an existing building, constructing a new building, doing major repairs, constructing or altering a deck or other structures such as a fence, adding a solar collector, adding a bay or bow window, cleaning out drainage ditches or ponds, doing any brush or tree cutting, filling or grading in a flood-zone, wetland or shore-land area. Contact Dane County Zoning at (608) 266-4266 or email for more information.

Dane County Erosion Control or Shoreland Mitigation Permit: Certain projects may require these permits. Please contact Dane County Land and Water Resources to verify. Dane County Land and Water Resources can be contacted by emailing or by calling (608) 224-3730


Building Permit: In addition to a Dane County Zoning permit, you may also need a Town of Dunn building permit to build, repair, remodel, move, replace siding, add new windows or doors, re-shingle your roof, etc.

Driveway Permit: A driveway permit is required to locate, establish, construct, or substantially reconstruct a driveway, road, or other access, to a property from a public highway or to a private road within the Town of Dunn, or when a house is to be torn down and rebuilt.

Wrecking Permit: A wrecking permit is required prior to the demolition of any structures.

To view application requirements, click here.

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