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Workers in Building Site


To request inspections, please email Kelsey Shepperd at or call (608) 838-1081, ext 2. Kelsey will coordinate with the Town's Building Inspector.


In your request please include:

  1. The address;

  2. The type of inspection(s) requested;

  3. Your name and company, if applicable; and

  4. A call back number.

Town of Dunn Building Inspector

Steve Kittleson, Wisconsin State Certified Building Inspector
License #70253

When should I call for an inspection? Type of inspection and timing of inspections are project dependent but typically, once you obtain a building permit, inspections are as follows:

1. After footings are dug, but before cement is poured.
2. After walls are poured, but just before backfilling. Pre-pour inspections may occur.
3. Roughs - when rough framing, plumbing, heating - ventilation - air (HVAC) and electric are completed, prior to covering.
4. Insulation
5. Finals - when final framing, plumbing, heating - ventilation - air (HVAC) and electric are in completed final condition. For new homes, the dwelling may not be occupied until a final inspection has been made which finds that no violations of the code exist that could affect the health and safety of the occupant.


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