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Mission: The Mission of the Rural Preservation Program is to protect and enhance the rural character of the Town of Dunn, preserve a land base to support a robust agricultural economy, and promote ecological resilience to provide a sense of certainty about the future and sustain a high quality of life for all members of the community.

Goals: To pursue this mission, the Rural Preservation Program endeavors to:

  • Protect and buffer farmland and viable farm operations from the impacts of development

  • Preserve and buffer significant natural features, scenic vistas, and historic, cultural, and archaeological sites and landscapes from the impacts of development

  • Manage and buffer the encroachment of neighboring cities and villages and development within the Town

  • Create and maintain corridors of protected land

  • Foster a community that is supportive of a local food economy

Strategies: In an effort to fulfill the mission of the rural preservation program and achieve its goals, the Land Trust Commission and Town staff work to:

  • Partner with organizations for funding to assist in carrying out program goals

  • Create and sustain partnerships with a variety of organizations with shared goals, principally the Natural Heritage Land Trust

  • Purchase the development rights on a voluntary basis from willing owners through the use of conservation easements

  • Purchase lands in fee from willing owners

  • Contribute to the fee acquisition of lands in cases where public or non-profit acquisition furthers the mission of the program

  • Engage in local and regional planning efforts

  • Explore other options and tools for land protection and conservation

  • Provide outreach to interested individuals and groups

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