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The Town of Dunn's PDR program is a voluntary farmland protection method that compensates landowners for inhibiting future development on their land. Through this program, the Town of Dunn purchased its first property on April 22, 1997, from the Sinaiko Family. It was the first Purchase of Development Rights transaction in the state of Wisconsin, as a plaque on the property now explains. The property held a former Native American campsite, and a portion of the property is now a Town Park. The Town continues to use this tool today in order to fulfill the mission, goals, and strategies of the program. The Town's Land Trust Commission oversees the PDR program. Click here for more information about the Land Trust Commission.

PDR Links

Benefits to Landowners and Residents
Frequently Asked Questions
Timeline of PDR Accomplishments
Ordinance Creating the Rural Preservation Program and Land Trust Commission

Mission, Goals, and Strategies of the PDR Program

Map of Protected Lands

Applying to the PDR Program


Cost of Community Services Studies

PDR Statistics
Currently, the Town holds 38 conservation easements on 37 protected properties, covering 3,763.45 acres and representing about 13.4% of the area of Dunn. 
When including the conservation efforts of other organizations, about 24% of the Town's area is currently protected.

Town of Dunn: 3,863.42 acres
Wisconsin DNR: 1,650.73 acres
Dane County: 846.40 acres
The Nature Conservancy: 153.66 acres
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Org.: 69.70 acres

For questions, please contact Ben Kollenbroich, Planning & Land Conservation Director, (608) 838-1081 ext. 3 or

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